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Amazon Prime Air By Jeremy Clarkson

Introduced almost exactly two years ago to the day and widely seen as a joke, Amazon has made good on its promise of airborne delivery drones straight out of the future. In its latest update, ex-Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson narrates a typical household drama that is easily and efficiently solved with an Amazon Prime Air drone delivery, which promises a delivery time of 30 minutes, made possible by the drone’s capabilities to fly a distance of 15 miles at a speed of over 55 mph. Whereas the drone’s first iteration was a quadcopter design, this vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) configuration makes possible the drone’s higher speeds, while also increasing its footprint by quite a bit. Sporting sense-and-avoid technology to avoid other airborne objects, Amazon Prime Air seems ready for implementation in rural and suburban areas, although its use in urban areas seems less than likely in its current stage of development. Click here for more information.