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Bogarde X Colette BMX Bike

Bogarde celebrates its first birthday by teaming up with Paris’ best-known concept store, colette, on a very exclusive bike. How exclusive? Well, there’s only one of them, so I suppose the only way it could be more exclusive is if they made no bike at all.

The bike in question is the French BMX maker’s signature “Bogarde” model. colette’s iconic white and blue polka dots decorate the design, while premium calf and goat leather adds a touch of luxury to the construction. colette’s logo is hand-engraved on the frame by Parisian artist Toma Pegaz, and a yellow seat sprinkles it with a dash of flair.

Set to drop next week, there’s no pricing info just yet but keep your eyes on Colette for all the latest news at it trickles out.