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Hazan Motorworks “The Musket”

Maxwell Hazan, the mastermind behind the LA-based customs shop Hazan Motorworks, is one of the few bike designers who can lay claim to being one of the world’s best. The two-time winner of the “Bike of the Year” award has just unveiled his latest project,“The Musket” – and it’s his closest attempt at perfection to date.

Its growling engine was hand-carved from a block of wood, its surrounding frame built specifically to house it, and two monster “BF Goodrich” tires used to transfer all of the power to the tarmac. Hazan employed his craft with such skill that only the tires, wheels and headlight were purchased; every other piece was made by hand.

It’s another typically minimalistic bike: all cables and wires are discreetly hidden, the handlebars have an internal, rather than an external, throttle cable, and there’s hand shift and clutch to declutter the lower controls. It even has a small battery that was cut up and rearranged to fit inside the tank, and the rest of the ignition and electronics are housed under the engine to enhance airflow and reduce exposed wiring.

To top things off, the rider sits on beautifully-aged piece of walnut, coated in 15 layers of polyurethane lacquer and then polished to make it as smooth and comfortable as possible. It’s a not particularly quick bike, with only about 55hp, but when it looks this good it doesn’t matter.