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Watch Casey “Viral Genius” Neistat Try on the Nike Mag

Whether it’s flying $21,000 first class or playing “real life” Pokémon Go on the streets of New York City, YouTube sensation Casey Neistat gets to experience things that, for most of us, belong to the realm of childhood fantasy.

Once upon a time, self-lacing shoes that light up might have also belonged to a similar kind of make-believe, but the advent of the Nike Mag means that they are now a very real proposition.

With only 89 pairs available via raffle, experiencing the Mag first hand is just another pipe dream to us mere mortals. But to Neistat, getting to play around in them is just another day at the office. After receiving a peculiar delivery of some live lobster (of course), the vlogger puts the shoes to the test and is evidently stirred by the power lace concept, not to mention the security operation surrounding them (seriously, is that bouncer really necessary?!)

Watch the video above, and then enter the raffle for the Nike Mag here. All proceeds will benefit the Michael J. Fox foundation.