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BTmanufacture Wooden Lego Figures

French designer of BTmanufacture, Baptise Tavitian throws a touch of nostalgia into the mix with his latest creation of wooden LEGO figurines. After scoping out the plans from the original designs of one of our favorite mini childhood toys, Tavitian has handcrafted these unique figures in his small workshop.

Made up of three sizes including 10, 20 and 31.5-inches, these oak models have been titled “The Walk” and “The Nest” with one housed in a box, while the other imitates walking across a LEGO brick.

Though the duo aren’t actually available yet, the designer has also created a limited edition LED “Lightbrik” wooden lamp, making for a quirky addition to the rooms of LEGO collectors.

Head over to BTmanufacture to check out the full range.