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Paolo Cappello‘s Luciano Bluetooth Speaker For Newblack

designed for italian brand newblack, paolo cappello‘s luciano speaker is entirely manufactured with ceramic material from nove, an emblem of distinct italian craftsmanship. like the processing of the raw material, the audio system is also handmade, applying the best components used in the Hi-Fi industry. sound performance is optimized in a laboratory through an accurate equalization process, which guarantees a superior sound quality. luciano is offered in six choices of color, glossy or matte, and in a model made of pure 24k gold.

combining sound technology with the art of ceramics, industrial designer paolo cappello develops luciano as a bluetooth speaker that offers a simple and immediate listening experience. the final design frees the material, enabling it to shape itself into unique forms that best celebrate its qualities. ‘luciano was created focusing first of all on the material more than on the shape. as a designer, I took a step back allowing the material to express itself; my goal was to let it emerge from itself’, explains cappello.

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